Cyclotron services and radiopharmaceuticals to serve the health needs of the community.

What Is A Cyclotron?

A cyclotron produces therapy radiopharmaceuticals, such as fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG). It’s the active ingredient used in PET (positron emission tomography) scans, and helps clinicians to diagnose, evaluate and treat numerous different types of cancers, cardiac conditions, neurological diseases, and other medical conditions.

New cyclotron services are needed in many communities

Cyclowest exists to meet the current demand for these radiopharmaceuticals, and to provide future services across the Asia-Pacific. Demand for PET is rapidly growing, and many communities are under-supplied, with little prospect of public sector funding being available to provide enough cyclotrons to meet all future needs.

Cyclowest Services

Private providers such as Cyclowest are working to fill the demand gap. Our staff and board have substantial experience in nuclear medicine. We assemble highly experienced teams to commission, build and operate cyclotrons, and then to generate the radiopharmaceuticals needed for doctors and other health professionals.

Cyclowest in Action

Our primary current project is building and bringing online a new Western Australian cyclotron. The state currently has only one facility, operated by the WA government, and it is unable to meet the full level of demand in Perth. Our new private service will complement this, and expand the overall capacity of the health sector to diagnose and treat West Australians.